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The wrapper should be smooth with a slight shine, no blemishes or rough stems, its leaves all spiraling in the same direction.

“A quality cigar calms me down and helps me decompress from everything else going on in my life. It forces me to sit still and be present in that moment.”

~ Wade V. Byrd

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Verde – Robusto Connecticut 50 x 5

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Time waits for no man”  Seize the moment and enjoy the simple luxuries that grow right beneath us.

~ Wade V. Byrd (Owner of Our Kingdom Cigars).

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Cigars & Cocktails

Whiskey & Cocktails

For whiskey aficionados, one of the great pleasures in life is being able to pair a premium whisky and Scotch with a fine, hand-rolled cigar. The secret, of course, is being able to pair the right flavor and aroma profile of a cocktail with the right flavor and aroma profile of a cigar.   Our Kingdom’s full-bodied cigar will generally pair well with a bolder whiskey, while a milder cigar can be overwhelmed by a powerful spirit. Since everyone’s pallet’s are different, the only thing that matters is finding a balance that works for you.

Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing

The stronger red wines get paired with the stronger cigars, and the milder smokes go with the lighter wines.   wines with a sweeter taste may go well with Our Kingdom’s mild cigars while an earthier wine will require our full-bodied cigar. Pairing a white wine with a lighter cigar will ensure that the flavours do not overpower each other, allowing the delicious subtleties of each to shine through.  Rose wine offers the drinker traits of both red and white wine, making it a beverage that can work with a wider range of cigars.‘like-with-like’ pairing rule, young wine should be drunk with newer cigars, and aged wines should be drunk with cigars that have been matured.

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