Cigars Matter

Our goal is to give our customers the most satisfying cigar experience with a simple pleasure that often provides the greatest comforts.

Wade V. Byrd, a resident of Dallas Texas by way of California founded Our Kingdom Cigar Company. Wade wanted to create luxury cigars that had smooth, yet robust flavors, that encompassed dynamic aromas. Cigars that are fit for a King or a Queen.

In his global travels, Wade has enjoyed exquisite hand rolled small batch cigars. This led him to create a luxury brand of cigars are fit for royalty.

Wade Byrd - CEO Our Kingdom Cigars
Rolling Cigars

Our Kingdom Cigars, where you are just one stick away from the essence of royalty

Core Principles

You’re looking for a cigar that is unique and of the highest quality, but you don’t want to spend hours at a store sampling each one.

It can be tough to find a good cigar that matches your taste and is also unique. With so many options available, it’s hard to know where to start.

Our Kingdom Cigar is the solution. We have an unmatched selection of cigars that are all smoked before being brought into our humidor. This ensures that every cigar we sell is of the highest quality and worthy of your time.